This project is in line with continuous efforts of MRAC and ECGS-NMNH to monitor and understand the geodynamical processes of the Virunga Volcanic Province (VVP) in the frame of a global risk management/evaluation of the area. In this context, high resolution SAR products are highly desirable and necessary to 1/ pursue the InSAR monitoring initiated with ENVISAT in 2006, and 2/ exploit the unvaluable DEM produced in the TANDEM-X mission.

The Tandem mission offered unprecedented possibilities in terms of SAR Remote Sensing for 1) generate a full very high resolution DEM of the whole studied area and 2) perform split-band interferometric measurements (e.g. for monitoring Nyiragongo’s lava lake level variations).

Vi-X project was funded by Belgian Science Policy (Belspo) and the Luxembourg National Fund for Research (FNR).

The project ended in 2014 but was followed by another project supported by DLR for assessing the SplitBand capabilities of the new TanDEM-X mission in “Pursuit Mode”.