RESIST aims at stepping towards the characterization of the mechanisms leading to volcanic eruptions and the detection of their precursory signals as well as landslides triggering and improving the comprehension of underlying processes.

Main objective for volcanoes

To gain scientific insights into the mechanisms that lead to an eruption and what types of measurable phenomena and signals can be robustly considered as precursory information for eruptive activity. Improved knowledge of underlying processes will also contribute to the better comprehension of continental rifting, which is found to be at an early stage in the Virunga Volcanic Province.

Main objective for landslides

To capture the temporal pattern of the landslide occurrences and to understand the importance of the climatic control on the mechanisms driving these processes. Specific attention is given to the identification of the rainfall thresholds for different landslide types and the threshold regional variability according to the processes and the environmental conditions.