MODUS aim to investigate the mechanisms of ground displacements linked to landslides in an urban-sprawling context in the tropics. The region of interest lies in the urban and peri-urban environments of the city of Bukavu situated along the Lake Kivu in DRC.

The specific objectives are:

    •    Estimate the surface displacement fields of the landslides and their evolution in time.

    •    Explore the interplay between natural (climatic and possibly seismic conditions) and human-induced parameters controlling the dynamics of the landslides in             such tropical environments.

    •    Decipher the landslide mechanisms in order to improve hazard forecast in space and time

To reach these specific objectives, the project deals with state-of-the-art remote sensing satellite and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV, aka drones) data, ground-based measurement techniques and a field-based landslide inventory unique for such a tropical environment and for that region in particular. An additional objective of the project is to address this landslide study from different angles and use different techniques that can in turn be better mastered for further application on other sites with similar characteristics.